Friday, January 14, 2011

RIF Study and Ward-Wide Ballot Referendum

49th Ward- Write-In Candidate, Blane Roberts Supports RIF Study and Pushes for Ward-Wide Ballot Referendum

I am supportive of many options to sustain affordable housing in the 49th Ward. However, absent a comprehensive study on the feasibility of the Rental Improvement Fund-TIF proposal it would not be in the best interest of our community. If elected, I would support and fund the RIF study to determine its feasibility then place such a proposal to the voters of our community as a ballot referendum. Affordable housing is critical for our community and we must get it right!!

Given the lack of leadership by the current State majority party and the incumbent Alderman, we have poisoned the environment by increased taxes. We must review the RIF and other alternatives to sustain affordable housing and not rely on one proposal.

Blane Roberts
Write-In Candiate
49th Ward

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