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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Candidate Blane Roberts of the 49th Ward announces Write-In Campaign

As a result, in part, of the city of Chicago’s byzantine election laws we were unsuccessful in remaining on the ballot but we will remain in the RACE! I decided to continue our campaign on your behalf. This campaign is about serving all the people all the time.


Our elected officials have used such election laws to disenfranchise the citizenry by “gotcha” and “Machine-Style” politics that only benefits the incumbents and their quest to remain in power at our expense.

It also benefits the lawyers and in the end we all suffer by allowing the same ineffective leaders to remain in office. Our elected officials have not requested a review and reform of such laws or their application. This is a classic example of politicians using our tax dollars to keep them in office instead of facing the voters with other challengers.

They call themselves “progressive” as only a marketing tool to get votes. You may call it politics as usual but it is also called denial of ballot access and it is WRONG! How progressive can this be? Our Alderman in the 49th Ward has used such laws to benefit him by using surrogates such as Jason T. Olsen, backed by LaSalle Street law firms, in a cowardly move to reduce competition and choice. You have to ask yourself, what are they afraid of? Well, they are afraid of you, the average VOTER! This is why I have called for term limits and political reform.

Demand of our elected officials to review and change such election laws and their application in the spirit of true democracy! Let’s expose this abuse of power! Look what it has given us thus far.

- Blane Roberts

Read more at: Roberts Removed from 49th Ward Alderman's Ballot

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