Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ethics in Illinois Politics?

Dear William:

Last week I asked you to take a short survey on ethics reform.

Thousands of you responded and it is clear - cleaning up Illinois politics should be our top priority in Springfield. The response was so overwhelming we've created an online petition calling on our legislative leaders - Governor Pat Quinn, Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton - to support and enact a $2,400 cap on individual contributions.

Unless you raise your voice now, we will lose our chance to enact real reform today.
Right now in Springfield, the legislature is debating whether to adopt limits. There are many proposals but if we want to end the cycle of corruption caused by big money donors and political patrons we must limit the amount of money they can contribute to candidates each election cycle.

Sign the petition today at and let's take the first step towards ending the era of Wild West politics.

We are at a unique time in our state's history and we are the closest we may ever come to passing sweeping ethics reform. Next week members of our growing coalition and I will deliver the signatures to our legislative leaders in Springfield.

By signing the petition today you send a clear message that this is no time for reform lite - we want credibility restored to our state.

Add your name to the growing movement for reform in Illinois and sign the petition today at:

Also, please spread the word among your colleagues and friends about this petition:

Tell A Friend About Our Ethics Petition

Warm regards,

Julie Hamos

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