Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Hole of A Mess

Don't miss: "One Hole of A Mess" in the 49th Ward!

An investigative report by Carol Marin,
NBC, Channel 5,

Wednesday, March 18th at 10 P.M..

North Howard Neighbors Association: MUST VIEW


Fargo Woman said...

That's tonight at 10:00 on Chanel 5 WMAQ-TV. Can't wait to see how Joe Joe wiggles out of this mess. I just verified it with the news desk at Chanel 5 via a phone call.


Fargo Woman said...

Unfortunately, I must have been misinformed. Craig Gernhardt contacted one of the producers of the spot and verified that the segment will actually air tomorrow - not tonight. Sorry for the confusion. I'm going to watch Chanel 5 tonight anyway, just in case.


Bill Morton said...

The demolition of the Adelphi Theater was a horrible tragedy and a sad loss to the Rogers Park community.

What was left is a dangerous hole in the ground where gangbangers and prostitutes do their business.

The fencing is unsecure and the property is uncared for.

The Adelphi Theater was a true beauty. The Adelphi Hole is a public safety hazard.