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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jarvis Station


Fargo Woman said...

I invited a friend of mine to meet me at Charmers (a.k.a. Dagel Beli) for lunch last Sunday. She crinkled her nose and said she didn't "go to any of the places on Jarvis because of that scuzzy El Staion." Like me, she's a CTA baby - no car, no motorcycle, just what used to be called "the big green limosine" (from back in the days when el trains and buses were green and white). She said she felt dirty whenever she used that station and therefore had not used it since the last century.

There's just no excuse for this station to look the way it does for as long as it has. This is deploable and I feel sorry for the business men and women who have opened shop on Jarvis believing the upgrade happening all over the rest of the city would certainly happen there too.

In closing, thanks for keeping this in the forfront of people's minds. Hey, we won back the Gale Park Community Center, maybe we can win Jarvis too.


MadeInRogersPark said...

This is really going to date me....when I was litle I would meet my Dad at the Jarvis El. We sometimes would stop in at "Margaret's". This was a gift shop on the East side underneath the Jarvis El. You could buy cards, gifs, little nic nacs. It was pristene. She was so cool as there was an access door from both inside he El station and the street. What a business she had! No one ever bothered her. She ran the shop by herself. You would get gifts wrapped in the 'back' for free. And what a 'back' this was. Ribbons, pretty papers, bows, tape, stickers, markers, and fancy pens. Curling ribbon - where did you learn how to do that -
The pictures here of the state of the Jarvis El is a disgrace. If I were alderman and my office was one-half block away I would be working damn hard to see hat it was repaired.
Or maybe I would have worked harder to see that it never fell into such disrepair. I usually take the bus now as it is harder for me to walk the steep stairs at the Jarvis El. There is NO EXCUSE for it to look like this.
Sure blame it on the CTA but if the person in the community who is in charge for seeing to the needs of the community doesn't care why should he.
When the next election comes around he should veware because as old as I am I am going to worker harder than ever to push him away.

By the bye I hear he is making good pals with our neighbor Bernie in the 50th Ward. I finds it difficult to believe Bernie would have anything to do with him but maybe he thinks he can get something outa Bernie. All I can say is Bernie Beware!