Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crash on Sheridan and Chase

About 1:15pm I heard the sound of screeching tires and then a distinct crash. Immediately looked out the window and saw the accident: two cars had collided at the corner of Sheridan and Chase. What was odd was that both were pointed in a southerly direction - more on this in a minute. I grabbed my camera and went over and took some pictures. One of the drivers was on his cell phone and the other was smoking a cigarette. Both appeared somewhat shaken but not seriously hurt. A woman appeared on the scene and asked if everyone was OK and suggested an ambulance be called and offered help. As to both cars pointing south, an eyewitness reported that the lighter colored car (which was travelling north) was attempting to take a left onto Chase in front of the black car which was going south and was hit and spun. It was also reported that the black car was travelling fast (too fast maybe). There might be some fault on both sides on this one. After a minute or two police and fire arrived, blocked the area off and took statements. This accident could have been worse, both drivers are very lucky.

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