Sunday, September 23, 2007

Joe Moore litters Frank Lloyd Wright landmark and community with flyers

Joe Moore has no respect for historical landmarks.

Is this news to you?

Wouldn't someone who actually cared about the community, instead of just the paycheck, WANT TO pick up that black garbage bag and clean up the red graffiti above?

When Joe Moore put his flyers all around town, Why do you think the trash and graffiti were ignored?

Wouldn't it be more professional to actually speak with the business owners, and ask them for permission to place his flyers inside of their storfront window?

Not only would it be more professional, neat, and polite, but it would give him a chance to actually speak about the issues with our local business owners.

Someone took the time to post this Joe Moore flyer, but couldn't clean up the graffiti with a paper towel.

What are Joe Moores interests?

Helping to improve our community?, or Putting his name everywhere, as a campaign for the next election?

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