Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rally against Tawani Enterprises Lakefront Car Tower

The Rally against the Tawani Enterprises Lakefront Car Tower at 7315-33 N. Sheridan Road is in progress. Marchers are progressing down Sheridan Road, Sherwin Avenue, to Alderman Joe Moore's house on Fargo, and then to the Cat's Cradle and Emil Bach House (which Tawani Enterprises also owns).

Tawani reps look on from a distance.

Video coming soon!


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Bill Morton said...


This was a public event in public view.

The photo you mentioned in particular shows that Tawani Enterprises Incorporated is very aware of our community's outrage over both the demolition of the Holsman House and the construction of the proposed parking structure East of Sheridan Road within the Private-Use Zone of the Lake Michigan and Chicago
Lakefront Protection District.

Being that I did not name you, or your friend, and that in-context the photo was about the rally against the Tawani Enterprises Incorporated Lakefront Car Tower, there is no reason why I would have to take this particular photo, of many in this article down.