Sunday, October 6, 2013

7331 N. Sheridan Road demolition

The demolition is happening without an original permit posted, which is required by law.
Quote: "Original permit must be displayed on job site at all times, Copies NOT allowed! Plans must be kept on site during construction. Permit is NOT transferable. Any changes in contractor or deviation from approved plans must be approved by the Department of Buildings. Permit may be revoked for violation of any of the above provisions or other applicable ordinance. A Certificate of Occupancy may be required before occupancy. Call (312) 744-2529 for more information."
Demolition is happening by Owner: Rogers Park Solutions 104 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL. 60603 (312) 765-0460. If you check Jesse White's Secretary of State website cyberdrive, you will find that Rogers Park Solutions is owned by Tawani Enterprises Incorporated aka Jennifer Pritzker.
Demolition is happening by Contractor: Mulroy Demolition & Excavation 6820 North Kostner Lincolnwood, IL. 60712.
We will not be bullied by Alderman Joe Moore, who says Yes to Tawani Enterprises Incorporated after he receives large campaign contributions. Especially when the vast majority of Rogers Park and 49th Ward voters are strongly against the 7331 N. Sheridan Road teardown and the construction of the Lakefront Car Tower.
We will not be pushed aside by a billionare non-Rogers Parker who hired a Lincolnwood demolition crew.
This is our community and our lakefront and the history of Sheridan Road and Rogers Park are too important to let go!


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larry levine said...

Thank you for the update on the illegal activity in the neighborhood. I wonder if a billionaire will be treated any differently than the rest of us.