Wednesday, October 16, 2013

49th Ward election litter

1440 W. Sherwin Avenue is one example of the many doorways and gateways within the 49th Ward. Blighting our residences is what is clearly a form of election litter. With condo events and other subjects, Alderman Joe Moore's main flyer man Alvin has been busy.

These flyers have been plastered on each building so regularly, that they are literally starting to pile-up at some addresses.

Behind the greenwashing of "electronic waste recycling" this flyer can be interpreted as re-elect the incumbents, Alderman Joe Moore, Alderman Harry Osterman, Heather Steans and Kelly Cassidy.

Alderman Joe Moore invites you to attend ... his 49th Ward Service Office on Greenview Avenue, while consistently promoting himself aka campaigning throughout his entire election term.

Another Alderman Joe Moore name-recognition

Alderman Joe Moore opening his opportunities for relationships with condo boards and developers, which inevitably leads to election-cycle campaign contributions.

I've been very active and alert in our neighborhood for over 13 years now, blogging (not a bad word), since 2007. While programs and events such as health fairs and participatory budgeting are generally considered "good", I'd like to challenge our residents to read between the lines and be aware of where possible undertows and riptides may be hiding in our everyday lives.



Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Glad to see more issue oriented posts here. Yes the paper fliers can be a bit much in Rogers Park.

But I feel its better to keep everyone informed. There does seem to be alot to inform everyone about though.

Its folksy.

But not everyone is plugged into all the interest....

We cant say that Ward 49 isnt keeping everyone abreast of the many activities they sponsor.

Bill Morton said...

Alderman Joe Moore and staff do keep us informed of their particular events, where they can shake hands and win votes.

How about non-political, community events that Alderman Joe Moore does not host, but greatly benefit our community.

There seems to be no love from our Alderman unless he gets something in return.

1. How about Park Advisory Council support? Haven't heard anything from his office about the upcoming Willye B. White Park Advisory Council Rock N Roll benefit for the underprivileged kids North of Howard Street.

2. How about CAPS meeting notices?, and community alerts?

3. How about events hosted by local businesses. and chamber of commerce events?

These are just a few of the many examples. Can anyone think of an event that he promoted that he doesn't have some sort of political ties to?