Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Information received via e-mail. Sharing information that was received. Please attend the meeting tonight to answer any and all questions. This information was not created by Bill Morton, Autumn Davids, or any of the authors on their various blogs/websites/etc

Please post all inquiries to the blog that the e-mail was created from, or attend the meeting to learn the on-goings and decide for yourself what is occuring.

Vista North Owner's Group Blog

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vista North / Triangle Park Parking Lot Fiasco Paul Roldan and Hisapnic Housing Cheat Affordable Housing Development

Vista North / Triangle Park Parking Lot Fiasco   

Paul Roldan and Hispanic Housing 

Cheat Affordable Housing Development

Vista North Board to hold Public Open Board Meeting 
August 22, 2013 6:00 pm CafĂ© Sol on Howard St.

The City Council of the City of Chicago approved the construction of the Parking Lot to be built at the west end of Triangle Park.  The address of the Parking Lot parcel is 1810 W. Juneway.

It was created by statute in 2002. It must be built by law. But it hasn't yet.

Here is a Link to the Journal of Proceedings, the official record of the City Council. 

In 2011 a secret meeting was held in the offices of Alderman Moore attended by a board member who later went into foreclosure and had no interest in the lot. Mr. Paul Roldan, CEO of Hispanic Housing Development Corp., issued this commitment letter.  

Mr. Roldan lies about conveyance. The city conveyed it for a dollar. He also lies about the funding. Hispanic received sufficient funds in Community Development Block Grants and other funding. They went over budget and cheated the Association. They then made the false claims in the commitment letter.

Despite repeated inquiries, the Vista North Board of Directors has refused to pursue this and has responded to no inquires.

The Board of Directors will be holding a public meeting at Cafe Sol on August 22, 2013 at 6:00 pm.
Vista North Owners Group members will be inviting community members and park council members to attend this open meeting held in a public place.

They will be asking questions of Mr. Erik Roldan, Mr. Ted Anderson (CEO of Leeda Services of Illinois,  Dr. Carolyn Montford, and Ms. Marci Portugal, our board members who take an active interest in the community and, we are sure, will be happy to update the entire community about this project which affects the entire neighborhood.



Bill Morton said...

At 3:07 PM I received a message:

"... this guy did not sound friendly, I have no idea what he wants. Please let me know if I need to block his number on my phone or not. He said his name is Ted Anderson. The phone number he gave me was 312-282-9174"

and at 3:26 PM I received "... looked up Ted Anderson, and Phone Number 312-282-9174. Came back to an Edward Anderson, Phone Number 773-274-7692 of Leeda Services. Bill this is in your neighborhood. Check out the link below. "

Bill Morton said...

So.. Ted, or Ed ... you saw the repost from one of my readers right here on Rogers Park in 1,000 Words.

State your issue here, in the comments section, or attend the meeting tonight at 6 PM.

I'll be there.

- Bill

Autumn Davids said...

Please keep in mind that this information is from an e-mail I received from a source who has, in the past, given me very good and non-judgmental information about events, community concerns, etc. This was posted by me on his behalf.

I will be at this evening's meeting taking notes while Bill catalogs things in his own way.

Thank you,

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Hispanic not Hisapnic.

Bill Morton said...

That was a typo on their end. Fixing now.

Everything other than the typo fix is exactly as it was sent to us here on RP1000.