Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buses Blocking Pedestrians

I love living in Rogers Park, there is beauty aplenty, bountiful history, creative art, and a lot of pedestrian friendly options. I'm very particular to walking, have been for years. I use to walk for miles to go to a park or visit a friend, my brother and I would call it an "adventure". 

It's very difficult to have an adventure when a bus is blocking your path, slowing your progress, and making you miss the entire walking light, since walking around it is dangerous. 

Buses are a great way to limit traffic density in a community, I wholeheartedly approve of having them, I just wish they'd pull up like their suppose to do.

The buses rarely ever pull up the entire distance necessary to avoid blocking the walking path across the street, and although it may seem silly to be upset, many people speed around the corner, and I'm worried someone will get hurt walking behind the bus and into a driver who isn't paying attention to the road or their speedometer. 

So please be careful and approach cautiously, or just wait. Until their is a plausible solution, our adventures need to be curtailed.


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