Saturday, July 13, 2013

Save Time

So, Today I went to go to the Alderman's City Sticker sale to save a few bucks on my city sticker. When I got there, the lines were around the building! I stopped into the currency exchange right next door and was able to use cash instead of a check to purchase my city sticker for $90.14

I think it was worth not standing in the heat for two or more hours to get my sticker for five dollars and change more.
although the photo is blurry, you can see the line wrapping around the building

the line going to the corner of the building

the line in front of the currency exchange



Bill Morton said...

Who drank the lemon aid?

How nice of Michael Land.

We supported the local business, Jarvis Currency Exchange.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Nice post. Never thought would see a long line like that to buy a city sticker!