Thursday, March 21, 2013

Which do you prefer, the phone book or the internet?

As a little kid, I remember getting these bags once a year and my mom rolling her eyes and tossing them out. When asked why, she always told me that she could find the answers online much more quickly. I was always appeased with this answer, but as I'm getting older, I can't help but wonder which is more beneficial to use, the phone books that are in these bags, or the internet? 

Upon initial contemplation, I would easily say internet. It's fast, gives me the information I want, plus I can get reviews on just about every place I am considering and decide before I ever get there if I'll like it or not. 

While this seems like a great thing, I can't help but wonder how many things I've missed out on since I've read others opinions about the goings-on of locations. A lot of times the reviews are spot-on, but what about the times that movie I watched was great, despite it's horrid reviews? Can't the same be said of businesses? 

Maybe the phone book giving no opinion is a benefit... Maybe there still is a place for it today.

Photos by Bill Morton

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Bill Morton said...

I think there is an environmental factor involved in the phone book vs. internet debate. Also, how efficient are the phone books? Are they mostly utilized or thrown away?