Monday, March 11, 2013

Message from Stop the Lakefront Car Tower


The requested zoning changes for the Lakefront Car Tower proposal are still being considered by Alderman Moore. After numerous calls to the Alderman's office, we have no idea exactly where the alderman is in the process – all we know is that the Alderman still appears to be discussing the proposal with Tawani Enterprises. 

You can check out Alderman Moore's zoning request review process yourself at If you haven't shared the petition with your neighbors, friends, and family, could you please pass it on? It is really important that we let the Alderman know where we stand on this issue.

We also have put a blog online ( We will be putting new information up shortly and this is one of the best ways to keep updated on the status of the proposal and what we are all doing to make sure this monstrosity does not become a reality. We will have guest bloggers offer their unique insights into why they oppose the Lakefront Car Tower.

Finally, we urge you to call Alderman Moore's office (773-338-5796) and email him ( to reiterate your opposition to the project as well as inquire about the status of his review. If you would like to share any response you get from the Alderman's Office, email us at

Thank you,
Jakob Schneider

This message is from Stop the Lakefront Car Tower who started the petition "Alderman Joe Moore: Deny the requested zoning changes for the Lakefront Car Tower," which you signed on the petition


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Bill Morton said...

The petition is as follows:

Alderman Joe Moore
Michael Land
You must deny the requested zoning changes for the property at 7317-31 N. Sheridan Road. This proposed Lakefront Car Tower is antithetical to the values of the community. It poses a serious safety risk to persons in the area, whether on foot, bicycle or driving. It significantly adds to the air, noise, water and light pollution of the lakefront. The enormous size and use is not appropriate in a residentially-zoned setting with many pedestrians.

Moreover, in conflict with the “Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance”, the construction of the Lakefront Car Tower does not serve the aesthetic and historical interests of Sheridan Road, nor does it serve the environmental value of the Lakefront (CLPO §16-4-020). This proposal also contradicts sustainable transportation improvements in the ward such as bike lanes, updated transit facilities, safer street crossings and building setbacks with green space for pedestrians, all of which make the neighborhood a healthier, nicer place to be. Promoting additional automobile usage by constructing a massive car tower on the lakefront runs counter to these community investments and counter to the directives of the Lakefront Protection Ordinance.

This tower would also set a dangerous precedent for future development. I urge you to deny the request for the zoning changes for the proposed Lakefront Car Tower at 7317-31 N. Sheridan Road, a development that does not reflect the values of the community.