Saturday, August 11, 2012

Parking in Rogers Park

For those who don't know much about me, I was born and raised in the suburbs around Chicago, where a "city sticker" was non-existent, and I always had a parking lot or a driveway to park in, and it NEVER cost me a dime to do it. 

The first few months I was visiting Rogers Park, I visited a family that I am very close to and they have a drive way, making parking a non-issue, especially when I decided to take the train to visit them once a month. 

When I started working in the city and actually needed my car up and running, however, the issues started coming to light. 

When I first came out here to work, I had to park. Initially, it seemed like not so big of a deal, I just needed to learn how to parallel park, no small task for me, I assure you. Eventually, however, I nailed it.
The second issue, being in the middle of winter, is that not a soul would plow streets like Jarvis, Sherwin, Fargo... I couldn't ever find reasonable parking, simply because a majority of spots were covered in snow so high, I couldn't get my small Toyota Corolla over the dang things. 

As if those two challenges weren't enough... people were just downright rude, parking in two spots or more so that no one would come near their car. It was awful. 

Once Spring and Summer started approaching, my mood lightened, thinking about how great it would be to have those snow covered spaces available and that maybe people would give more space, once the issue of an accident due to conditions dissipated. But alas, the city-dwellers let me down.
I was unaware that once Winter was over, construction took over EVERYTHING. Large trash containers, taking up a space and a half on their own, were placed so you'd lose a space behind and in front of them. Construction workers would park horribly, sometimes blocking off two lanes of traffic, then there is the Peoples Gas project, which will be taking place city-wide for the next 20 years, according to one of their workers, the CTA project blocking off entire roads for a block each direction at least, and lastly the Howard  Streetscape project.

Parking is just awful for a city-dweller. If I didn't need my car to get me to and from my clients for CJE, I wouldn't bother to keep it. With all the potholes continually destroying my alignment, the invalid tickets I need to continually argue, the ticket or two I get that are actually valid for laws I didn't even know existed... It's almost impossible to consider what my car will end up costing me for living in the city. 

Below are some images of parking issues to validate my points.


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