Monday, July 9, 2012

Roger C. Sullivan High School

Roger C. Sullivan High School is absolutely magnificent. I drive past it regularly for work, and always find it fascinating. Today, for some peculiar reason, I decided to indulge my once secret worship of this school, and brought the camera, taking many pictures. 

While photographing the school, I spoke with someone named Adam, a general contractor with Wight Construction. Upon hearing his title, I was a bit terrified that the school was going to be missing key pieces that make it such a fascination, but, instead, I was informed that he was there to build a new computer room... and that he was under the impression someone else would be replacing one of the gymnasium floors. 

At the Chamber's first annual Memorial Day event, located at Joyce Kilmer Triangle, they worked with the Jr. ROTC of Sullivan High School to honor those who served our country and protected our rights, including our right to run businesses. 

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Photography by: Autumn Davids


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