Sunday, April 1, 2012

Craig Gernhardt

The public drama surrounding the fateful timing of Craig Gernhardt's 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park blog during an election campaign has faded, but the real intrigue has just begun. You just won't see it, and the final yet-unwritten chapter will come unannounced.

The nine figure heads met privately Friday in their weekly closed-door conference, and were expected to vote -- at least preliminarily -- on the future of their careers in the Far North Side neighborhoods of Rogers Park and small portions of Edgewater and West Ridge.

Assignments will now be made, and the months-long process of shifting opinions will commence -- a tedious, arduous, often contentious exercise in influence. And all of this will be done in secret -- no press releases, no leaked behind-the-scenes spin.

The decision-making exercise is little-known, and the councilman likes it that way. Only the alderman and his law clerks will have any real idea how these choices will be framed and crafted. Consistently pressing the personal agendas of our councilman and his lessors versus the needs of our community is a time-honed 49th Ward parlor game.

Craig Gernhardt returns to blogging after an entire one-year hiatus. Will his new blog, Now in Rogers Park, simply be a bland subserviant vehicle for the alderman? Or, will it grow into the community watchdog that was the very respected 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park?

Extraordinary and transparent coverage to follow.


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