Saturday, March 10, 2012

Now Trending on Rogers Park in 1,000 Words

We can only hope that the search trend of Lake Shore Drive extension has little to do with any swell of the Friends of the Parks horrible plan. Author Ursula Bielski is often a guest of Chicago Ghost Hunters Group events at Charmers Cafe. Bowling alleys in the basement must be referring to one of the first hand-made bowling alleys ever built in Chicago in the basement of the former North Shore School.

Businesses in Rogers Park are supported by the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce and of course Rogers Park in 1,000 Words. Devon Market is one of our great local markets that caters to the ethnic diversity of our neighborhood. I recently featured Kaymak by Atour Foods which is sold at Devon Market and many other locations along Devon Avenue. And everyblock Chicago is another great resource for Rogers Park information and communication. Rest in Peace Broken Heart of Rogers Park, You were the vehicle for community activism before your author supported Alderman Joe Moore.

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